Our Founder

Kaitlyn Maggie, the founder of Sabi Equestrian, and her horse Showtime Charlie.

A note from the founder:

Before my dream of creating Sabi Equestrian came to life, I knew I wanted to create a brand that did more than just sell pretty clothing. I wanted to create something that helped support and empower equestrian women, something that made them feel amazing and encouraged them to achieve their dreams.

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself properly. I'm Kaitlyn - recovering perfectionist and forever horse lover - and I'm the founder of Sabi Equestrian. My biggest reason for getting out of bed each day is because I want to empower equestrian women to look and feel amazing, and to ride well - that’s why I started Sabi Equestrian. I genuinely believe that when you look and feel good, you have confidence, and you're able to bring your best self to the horse. You feel empowered to reach for your dreams.

I know what’s it’s like to strive for perfection in a world that judges you on just that. I grew up riding. I was comfortably training Advanced in dressage before I started coaching and training horses, all while I was still in high-school. And then, I took an almost 10 year break. When I found my way back to horses, let me tell you - that's a long time! I felt like jello after my rides.

It brought new struggles as well, ones that weren't just physical. I didn't feel like the rider I used to be, or the rider I wanted to be again. I felt embarrassed. I hated people watching me ride. What I saw in the mirror also didn't reflect the way I felt about my horse or my sport. I was wearing baggy singlets and old riding pants that had been sitting in the back of a wardrobe for a long time - they had definitely seen better days! I found myself not wanting to be noticed at the stables.

I think the way you feel and your mindset has a big impact on the way you ride and how you show up for your horse. I didn’t feel like the equestrian I wanted to be anymore, and it had a big impact on my confidence and my progress. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not good enough, you’re not alone! I needed to feel like the confident equestrian I wanted to be. And so, the idea for Sabi Equestrian was born.

I'm consistently amazed by the way wearing Sabi impacts my mindset. I feel ready to take on the world - ready for a great ride, ready to talk and laugh at the stables, ready to turn up at my next lesson and focus on what really matters. I love bringing the best version of myself to my horse and my riding.

Every piece in the Sabi range is completely bespoke and specifically designed to help riders look amazing and feel confident in themselves. I'm proud to have created a range of highly technical, performance-based equestrian apparel that is so unique and stylish. I hope it makes you feel confident, empowered and ready for a great ride every time you reach for it.