A Guide to Washing Your Breeches (so they last longer!)

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Have you ever wondered about the best way to care for your breeches, and how to make them last longer?

Search no further! We've got you covered with Sabi Equestrian's guide to caring for your breeches.

1. The no. 1 thing to help your breeches last longer? How often you wash.

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How often you wash MATTERS - a lot!

So before we go giving you all our best advice on how to wash, here's our number one tip that will help you get the most out of your breeches.
And that's actually the opposite of washing! You should only wash them when strictly necessary. 


 2. How you wash matters!

A close up image of the back of the Sabi Equestrian Azurite Sculpt Performance Hybrid BreechesThis piece of advice is crucial! Always check the wash care label on your breeches (or on any piece of clothing, for that matter!) before putting them in the washing machine.

Our general advice is to always wash them cold, with similar colours, and to turn them inside out to protect details like buttons, logo prints and silicone or suede seats. 



3. Look fresher for longer: stain removal

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Our dirt resistant material is pretty good at keeping you looking fresh, but when you find something has left a particularly bad mark, be quick to take care of it so it doesn't stain. The longer it sits and dries, the more likely it is to stay there for good.

For many stains, a cold soak and a rub with some laundry soap is often a good first defense. For others, you may need to grab the appropriate stain remover and get to work. Be careful to rub your breeches gently so as not to cause any damage or pilling, and to follow the product use instructions.

Additional tips for longer wear

4. Avoid Fabric softener

Our unique performance focused material is already buttery soft, so you really shouldn't feel the need for it!

But generally speaking, while fabric softener may give your everyday clothing a nice smell, it's not very kind to the fibers in the workout wear of horse riding apparel. Fabric softener can coat your clothing with a chemical layer that will block the pores of synthetic materials, inhibiting their breathability and moisture-wicking properties. This in turn can lead to a build up of odors in the fabric... and we definitely don't want any bad smells hanging around!

5. Avoid putting your breeches in the dryer

Yes I know, having a clothes dryer on hand is super convenient! Unfortunately, it puts a lot of stress on the fibres in your breeches. It can lead to fading colors, worn-down fabric and even shrinking. To be extra gentle to the material, we recommend hanging breeches to dry.

With our quick drying fabric, it shouldn't take long!

Keep them inside out if they're outside, to prevent fading from the sun.

And you're all set: with these handy hints, you should be ready to take great care of your breeches! If you have any questions about caring for your Sabi Equestrian breeches, feel free to contact us at hello@sabiequestrian.com and our customer service team will be happy to help!

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